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10 January 2018


12 December 2017


Why do some people always get their own way?


Can anyone become persuasive?


Learn the secrets of how to pitch yourself, your idea or your business.

‘Andrew helped me transform a boring presentation to a prize winning pitch. It worked like magic!’


Doctor & Founder

‘Andrew not only did a great presentation with interesting insights into how to prepare and deliver a pitch, but he also was available to meet afterwards and support me.’



‘Andrew is knowledgeable and credible and took great interest in answering the questions the audience had. The only issue was that there was a long queue to speak to him afterwards!’


Sales Director

‘Andrew is not only a top-notch speaker, but he is also open to sharing his knowledge with others and more than willing to go an extra mile to help. It has been pleasure to meet him!’


Business Development Manager

‘Andrew’s talk was great to get insights on how to pitch, improve your storytelling skills and, keep the audience attention.’



‘Andrew is much more than an excellent public speaker. He is a selfless and energetic mentor who works tirelessly to get the best out of you.’