About Me

My journey to this point has not been straightforward.

I’m Andrew Tollinton

Back in 2006 I was working as a finance director. Whilst I enjoyed the role I found myself looking at the business development team thinking ‘I can land bigger and better deals’. 

One day I decided to test my theory and I persuaded my boss to allow me to pitch for new business in my spare time. Working weekends and evenings I soon secured a six-figure deal and my life in pitching began.


Pitches Evaluated



Cups of Coffee For One Deal

“Since 2006 I have pitched deals ranging in value from £300 to £30,000,000. I have pitched across a coffee table, across a board table, to a room of thirty people and to one individual, as part of a team or alone. I have not always won deals but I have always tried to learn from them.”

My Work

I read Philosophy of Science and Politics at Newcastle University and studied Mandarin at SOAS, I am a chartered accountant, chartered marketer and alumnus of London Business School. I am Behavioural Economist in Residence at London College of Fashion and teach pitching at University College London, Cass Business School and speak on the topic at London Business School.
My interest in pitching rocketed when I left the corporate world and built a software platform with my brother. I began pitching our software into big brands but I had no brand, no trading history and no team. Pitching suddenly seemed a lot more difficult. 

When I was pitching as part of a large organisation I struggled to understand why pitches failed or succeeded, there were just too many variables. However, when I was pitching our software platform all the variables were under my control: I was responsible for the marketing, price, product and pitch. Any success or failure was surely linked to me in some way.


  • Pitching
  • Behavioural economics
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion

Today you’ll find me pitching my software solution as well as a renewable, clean energy project. I’m coach to the 2018 national public speaking champion and I mentor a wide range of people, helping them pitch everything from artificial intelligence to hedge funds.

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