Helping one and the many.


Increase funding and deal success rates, commission a pitch review and support session. 



Release your potential, host Pitch Hacks and Pitch Surgeries. Watch as people learn to enjoy pitching and discover new ways to express ideas. 


Spread the message to many, host a talk and discover how everyone can pitch. 


Get one-on-one help to bolster your skills and audience understanding. 

Best Best Best seminar. Makes me excited to pitch, learnt a lot love love love.

Engaging, learned so much.

Wow! Much to think about, funny, image are easy to understand.

Connect more relevance to service as well.

My fault – I should have been clearer about using the model in all areas of pitching.

Held my attention really well, event was interactive and informative.

Your presentation is way better than the books I have read about pitching.

Very disappointed with poor preparation with laptop, video and audio give hand out.

Me too! I should heed my own advice and never rely on technology, lesson learned.

Great presentation, a bit more interaction would be great.

Agreed – time didn’t allow more. You have my email address and happy to chat anytime. 

I just wish I'd had teachers as good as you.

This was truly a masterclass.

Best workshop for the festival. Super super helpful.

Experienced procurement / investor likely to be familiar with techniques presented.

They are human and just as susceptible as others. Sorry we didn’t get to discuss on the day.

I’m ready when you are! Your perfect pitch is right around the corner.