All courses take place in central London hotel or similar venue. 

The end of the course is not expected to be the end of your journey. You will leave with a useful resource pack and personal action plan to take forward your public speaking success. 

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the endBut it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

Course timing: 9am to 5pm


Public Speaking With Confidence 

The thought of speaking in public often leads to a feeling of anxiety. Sometimes this can be exciting but all too often it can obstruct us from delivering our message. Many people would rather be silent than speak in public. This is a tremendous waste.

This one day session will take you through why we have these fears and how to overcome them. It will also provide you with good appreciation of how to prepare and deliver a speech. 

Who should Attend?  You should attend if:

  • You are looking for an introduction to public speaking.
  • You speak in public but want to gain a further appreciation of public speaking.
  • Anyone who has anxiety and a fear of public speaking, regardless of experience.


  • You’ll leave with a good foundation in public speaking.
  • You’ll have delivered a speech in front of an audience and be more confident in your ability to deliver more speeches. 
  • Your next steps will be clear and attainable. 

Course Content

What is Public Speaking?

We tend to think of public speaking as standing in front of lots of people and speaking. This isn’t far wrong. However, this definition fails to recognise the difference we need to make in our speech preparation. 

If we note down our speech in advance and then read out our notes we are assuming our audience process the written and the spoken word in the same way. This is a big mistake. 

Learn about this crucial difference and sound more like a speaker, not a book reader.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

We’ll examine strategies you can use in every day life to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. We will put some of these strategies into practice on the day.

We will move our focus away from you and your speech and start thinking about your audience. This will immediately reduce your anxiety. 

Body language

When we speak we have a great opportunity to bring our speech to life. One way of doing this is to engage our body to help us communicate. 

We’re take a look at common body language errors and establish some key moves that will help us communicate our message and show we are in control. 

Writing your First Speech

 Should you write your speech? Is it best to learn it by memory? Perhaps you should just wing-it?

Your preparation should match your preferences but there are some golden rules we can apply that make the likelihood of giving a forgettable speech a whole lot higher. 


Speech Delivery

What breathes life into a speech? Why do some people entertain and capture the attention of an audience?

We’ll define and practice those things that make make a speech entertainijng and captivating. 

Speaking With Presence & Charisma

 What is presence? Who has it and can you get it?!

We’ll look at all these questions and I’ll show you how with just a few tweaks you will begin to exude presence and charisma.