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I help individuals, big & small companies, improve their pitch. I help them gain funding, improve customer acquisition and convey a persuasive message.


VC, Angel or friends and family funding pitch advice. Align your aspirations with their expectations.


Beauty parades, elevator pitches and Goliath deals can all be swung by customer’s belief in you.



Understand what prohibits you from sharing your message and what people really want to know.



Progress is often blocked by failure to communicate the idea,


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Pivot and adapt your pitch to take advantage of your size.


Big Business

Re-discover belief in your solution and reassure your audience you care.

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Make Your Pitch a Priority.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

‘Andrew is much more than an excellent public speaker. He is a selfless and energetic mentor who works tirelessly to get the best out of you.’

Marcela, Researcher @ London Business School

‘Andrew not only did a great presentation with interesting insights into how to prepare and deliver a pitch, but he also was available to meet afterwards and support me.’

Joan Taylor, Lawyer

‘Andrew is knowledgeable and credible and took great interest in answering the questions the audience had. The only issue was that there was a long queue to speak to him afterwards!’

Juan, BD Director @ SportsKred

Sometimes I Write About Speaking

The Networking Secret: What Game of Thrones Can Teach Us

In the last week I had three friends ask me get how to get more from networking events. ‘Help me get the job I really want’, one asked. ‘Help me get the board of directors my shareholders deserve’, asked another. ‘Help me get a man I really need’, said the other. Yes, some of my friends use networking to pick-up partners.

Like many I shudder at the thought of networking, I usually leave the event early, feeling grubby and disappointed. But these three people were driven, they were on a mission and networking was important to them.

How Do They Pitch?

After a short chat I worked out all three had a similar approach when networking, they all said something like this:

[Open with an introduction to someone]

“Hi, my name is Charlotte/Charlie. You are?”

“Oh, Hi Julie/John, what is it you do?”

[Wait until Julie/John finishes talking. Nod occasionally. Then go for it!]

Let’s Start a Conversation