Hi, I’m Andrew 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

I’d like to share with you a bit about my speaking journey. I started speaking in public when was 18 years of age, when I joined my university debate club. Much to the amusement of my peers I enjoyed speaking in public, even though it wasn’t considered cool. I went on to represent my university against other universities and I won my fair share of competitions.

As a teenager, speaking in public should not have been so easy for me. In every day life I would hardly ever look anyone in the eye, especially in public. I was well known for always wearing a baseball cap that was tilted slightly downward so as to avoid eye contact.  But, when it came to delivering a message, something drove me forward and I overcame my anxiety and fear of public speaking.

This is one of the secrets to public speaking, having a message you want to share with the world. It makes the whole experience a lot easier.


After university, my career began and I focused my attention away from public speaking until one day I was asked to give a speech at a family funeral. Few occasions are more important. I quickly rekindled my relationship with public speaking and I have since dedicated a huge amount of time to the subject.

Unlike many people who teach public speaking, I’m not an actor or a trainer. I’m an active business person and everything I teach I apply in the real world. This, I believe, explains why my sessions are considered useful and popular.

And, as a result you’ll not find me recommending stretching exercises or scales before you speak. This is not because they don’t have value, they do. However, I doubt you’ll have the space and time to perform these exercises before you deliver a speech or presentation (and if you do you’re super lucky).

I’ve helped people with:

  • Conference Speeches
  • Master of Ceremony and Moderator roles
  • Presentations
  • Sales Pitches
  • Funding Pitches
  • Wedding Speeches
  • Eulogies
  • Impromptu Speeches
  • After Dinner Speaking
  • Comic Speeches
  • Instructive Speeches
  • Inspirational Speeches
  • Informational Speeches
  • Entertaining Speeches

I have spoken in front of large crowds, small crowds and important crowds. I’ve pitched very large deals and very small deals. I consider each opportunity as important as the next.

When we speak in public we’re asking people to be quiet and listen to us. And when they do fall silent it’s important we show them the same respect by delivering a speech that shows we care.

Perhaps you’re considering public speaking lessons because you want to get noticed, maybe you see it as a way to grow your business. Hugely successful people like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet viewed public speaking as an essential leadership skill. Whatever drives you, a great speech has the potential to change people’s views of you and ignite a whole chain of events.

Lastly, I have some good news for you. Because so few people face-up to their fears and learn public speaking you have a good chance of being recognised as a good speaker very quickly, there’s just not that much competition!

Don’t be surprised when you receive invitations to host gatherings, lead teams, speak at conferences and represent your organisation, being good at public speaking has that effect.

Email: andrew@andrewtollinton.com


Volunteering: President, London Business School Public Speaking Club. Chair, Institute of Directors YDF London 

Current Engagements: Persuasive public speaking at, London Business School, UCL School of Management, Cass Business School, University of the Arts. Negotiation at Cass Business School. Behavioural Economist in Residence, London College of Fashion.  

Experience: Graduate Scheme, Accountant, Analyst, Finance Director, Sales Director. Founder – Engineering & Technology

Education: Philosophy, Newcastle University / Accountancy, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants / Mandarin, School of Oriental and African Studies / Employment Law, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development / Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing / Executive Education, London Business School 

Hobbies & Interests: Calisthenics, trail running, British Military Fitness, behavioural economics, Mahler.

Other: Institute of Directors, Director of the Year Finalist 2019. Business mentor.