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It’s hard to raise funds. First you need to find investors who will listen to you. Then you need to communicate a lot of information to them in a short space of time, whilst being confident and different to the competition. Then you need to pass due diligence.

This process can take so long it puts your business at risk.

If you find investors struggle to appreciate your company’s value proposition then it may be worth asking for help.


I’ve helped all kinds of people pitch all kinds of deals, from $100k pre-seed to $500m long-term development finance. Regardless of scale the challenge remains the same.

I charge by the hour and I’m usually available within 24 hours.


Text: (+44) 7984 884404 (GMT)



Business schools: London Business School, UCL School of Management, London College of Fashion.

Incubators / accelerators: Sustainable Ventures, Ravel Innovation (Singapore), Bayes Launchlab, GoGrow (Australia, Singapore). 

Companies: BBC, WeWork, BNY Mellon, LandSec