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How Many Messages Should I Give?



That is not to say you can’t discuss lots of points but they should all support one message. I have started a number of businesses and when I launched them I nearly always found the idea of having one message insane. So, I made lots of points. The result was nearly always confusion.

I remember giving a presentation on my product to a group of senior managers and a former senior military intelligence officer entered the room half way through. After about five minutes he stopped me and said to me:

‘Andrew, can you please tell me what your product does?’

I replied: ‘Sure, it does this….. and this…. And that…..’

He went quiet, I resumed my presentation. At the end of the presentation he said to me:

‘I am sorry, I still do not know what your product does and until I can understand it we won’t be using it, go away and come back when you know what your product does’.

My heart raced, I wanted stand up and shout back with frustration, how could he possibly not get it?! It took me three days to calm down after that experience. The suggestion could have been put better but the point was valid.