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#1 Andrew Tollinton

Who is he and how does he know about pitching and persuasive speaking?


Description: Get what you want by learning how to pitch and persuade people. Uncover the secrets of how people make decisions and why saying certain things can move people. Why do people listen to some people and not others? Why is passion important and how can anyone sound passionate? Why do people agree with you then do not act as you expect? I teach pitching at some of the world’s top business schools and universities, where people pay over $100,000 to learn the same secrets I am going to share with you. I bring together my experience of pitching hundreds of huge and tiny opportunities, evaluating over 10,000 speeches and knowledge of behavioural economics – how people make decisions. If you are new to pitching I will show you how to become a pro, if you are good at pitching I will show you how to become great at pitching. I will show you why most pitches are forgettable and how you can be unforgettable. Podcast released every week.