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Spiritual Persuasion: A Video for the Incurably Curious

Tay and Val are two spiritual consultants. They help some of the most powerful people become the best version of themselves: “You’ll meet the hidden story you have been telling yourself for many, many years. (Hint: this story is so powerful, it’s running your business right now.) Most importantly, you’ll swap out the old story and old agreements for ones with more horsepower​. Yes!

So when you come back up to the ground level of strategy and action, you’ll find yourself totally aligned with your most powerful​, most knowing​, and wisest ​self, with your proverbial runway cleared for takeoff.”

In this video we discuss how Yay & Val help people move forward in their live. They reveal some of their hacks to quickly onboard their clients – aromatherapy being one of them.

Insights include how to think about pitching in front of hundreds and thousands of people and possibly the best narrative I’ve heard for a long time.

This is a video for the incurably curious.